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Enjoy one of 6 different practices as you pause to spend around 5 minutes with God in the midst of your day.
  • Lectio Divina - Listen for God’s message as you hear a small portion of scripture with room to ponder.
  • Imagine - Enter prayerfully into a scene from the scriptures to broaden your experience and relationship with God.
  • Visio Divina - Enjoy your gift of sight and invite God to speak
    to your heart as you gaze at an image.

  • Simply Scripture - Restfully listen to the gentle reading of selections of scripture.
  • Audio Divina - Sacred listening with God using your gift of hearing. Music and other beautiful sounds.
  • Simple Silence - Ahhh…Close your eyes and rest in silence with God for 5 minutes and we’ll keep track of the time.
Enjoy these samples of what you can expect in the app!
Simply Scripture
Audio Divina

Luann roberson

I’m a Christ-follower and trained Spiritual Director. I desire, as many of you, to create space for a few minutes with God as I go about my day. This app was born out of that desire.


These “Simple Pauses” are short, meaningful practices that invite you to keep yourself in the love and presence of God. Let them be a supplement to your daily rhythm; they aren’t meant to replace your devotions or Bible study. Just a sip of time with God in the midst of an ordinary day. Simple and refreshing.


I accompany leaders and learners as they attend to their souls through A Simple Pause, an outreach of MSW Ministries in Phoenix, Arizona. My training in Spiritual Direction came through Selah- Leadership Transformations, Inc.


I would love to connect with you about your experience with A Simple Pause, and hope that it is a source of peace and rejuvenation.

Rob Moore and Larissa Johnson have come alongside me to create these "Simple Pauses" along with contributions from others! 

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