Take Care... nurture your soul

Pause to connect with God and others

We’re all different.
Maybe it’s possible we all connect
with God differently, too.

Taking care of your soul with pauses throughout the day.

Sharing your soul in the loving presence of a companion.

Experiencing and enjoying a shared community.

A note from LuAnn

“Take care.” A quick phrase I often use to wish someone well as we part ways. For me, in the past few years I’ve noticed an increasing desire to pause…to take care, to create restful space for a few minutes to catch my breath and simply be with God. Without hurry. Noticing the state of my soul, noticing the presence of God-in quiet, in nature, lingering in Scripture or music. In the safe presence of a trusted listening companion, and alongside other honest and hungry Jesus-followers. Those varied spaces and relationships help me take care of my soul, and deepen in relationship with God.

A Simple Pause was created to invite you into three ways to care for your soul:

  • For time alone with God through short spiritual practices, I hope you’ll download the app, A Simple Pause.
  • Spiritual Direction is a time to explore God’s presence and action in your life with a safe, confidential listener. I would be glad to accompany you on your journey.
  • Consider joining others for life-giving soul care events that we host or partner with the Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona.

I hope you will find ways to attend to God and find rest and refreshment for your soul.
Based in scripture, attentive to the Spirit, and alongside to accompany: A Simple Pause.

~LuAnn Roberson, Founder


We help you stay connected with God

in the Midst of Your Day

The App

Our free app gives you six different ways to be in communion with God throughout the week.

Soul Care

Everyone is on their own spiritual journey. Sometimes a spiritual director, mentor, or coach can be helpful along your way. 

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Group Of Mature Friends Socializing In Backyard Together


ASP often partners with the Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona to provide events and training.

What others are saying

"Hi ! I just wanted to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for A Simple Pause. I am trained Spiritual Director and saw it posted in the ESDA Facebook group. I’ve been experiencing deep anxiety the last few days and just couldn’t shake it in my spirit. I listened to the sample on the web page and was so blessed by it. It immediately brought me to a place of deep peace with Jesus. I look forward to trying out all of the features on the app and sharing it with others. This is such a gift! And I wanted to let you know. Thank you!"

A beautiful gift

This is so beautiful and it has already blessed me immensely! Im sharing it with my staff of 20 and have already sent it to several friends. Thank you for all of the work that went in to creating it. It truly is a beautiful gift!

I will share

Thank you so much for the content on this app. I will share

I'm so grateful

Thank you for “With”. It is a wonderful blessing to me. God is with me and for me and I am so grateful.

Soothing to my soul

I love listening to your voice first thing in the morning. It’s a soothing to my soul and spirit. Thank you for bringing this app to all of us. You are a wonderful sister in Christ.

Have questions? We’d love to talk to you about your spiritual journey.